Free Union is a band based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Originally named Michael Coleman Band, the change to Free Union spurned from the desire to promote the collaborative approach the band has taken. Focusing on songs about justice, love and freedom fusing together various different influences from Rock to RnB, Free Union brings a unique sound that is broad reaching.


The music of Will Overman is at once melodic as it is relentless, as refreshingly unique as it is familiar and evocative. 

Overman’s music is rooted deeply in the South yet transcends genres and convention, blending essential elements of rock, blues, country, and pop. His songs lean toward a collective swell reminiscent of James Taylor, Jason Isbell, and Josh Ritter. 

A Virginia native, Overman pairs sleek vocals with haunting rhythm and introspective melody.


Mark Nicholson grew up in the Appalaichian of western Virginia. Surrounded by music from the Stanley Brothers to The Rolling Stones, it wasn’t long before Mark was singing, playing guitar and writing songs. Mark gained a loyal regional following as the guitarist Roanoke Virginia favorite The Dead Reckoning. He also played in The Roanoke based jamband Sol Searchers, and has shared the stage with The Marcus King Band, Travers Brothership, The Big Something and Moe. 

Mark teamed up with former Calf Mountain Jam bandmate Justin Shifflett in 2019 to form Mark Nicholson and The Distance, with organist Neill Bartley and bassist Blanks Blankenship. While only together for a short period of time, The Distance brings considerable musical experience to the table.